About Openlogs

Openlogs is a European provider of services, software and market operations for the management and optimisation of energy activities. It was founded in Italy in 2010 as the first independent service provider for the natural gas and electricity wholesale markets.
Today, it satisfactorily offers its integrated services to sales companies, large industrial consumers and internationally active renewable energy producers.

We love to share, and we see our client companies as if they were our own: when partners grow, innovate and begin to consider us as their own colleagues, then we know we have achieved our goal.


Sales companies, large energy consumers, renewable energy producers and asset managers.

Our partners have a strategic interest in natural gas or wholesale electricity.

They are professional operators who look to Openlogs for support ranging from the outsourcing of individual operational activities to the optimisation of all processes involved in the optimal management of complex energy portfolios in both off-take and feed-in to national and international grids.


Openlogs professionals oversee the first independent import of gas from the Netherlands to Italy.



Openlogs was founded in Italy in 2010 as the first independent service provider for the natural gas and electricity wholesale markets.



Openlogs’ services for efficient wholesale energy management contribute significantly to the transition to a sustainable energy system


An ownership structure still in the hands of the founders, together with significant profit sharing at the senior management level, fuels a corporate culture centred around outside-the-box entrepreneurial thinking.

Independence, freedom and honesty of judgement, and strict protection of data and information confidentiality are the cornerstones on which we’ve built our reputation.

Every day, we try to innovate and challenge conventional structures and practices, in search of the next competitive edge.


Years in the energy markets









Our people

Our growth as a company over the years is founded in the enthusiasm and skills of the people. We grew up as individuals and as a family and today we are a team of people who want to expand further.

We offer a dynamic and vibrant work environment, where you can quickly be required to take important responsibilities on your own.

We believe that work is also a pleasure: the pleasure of personal accountability from day one, of growing and creating together.

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