At Openlogs, everyone is an entrepreneur. To achieve the best ideas and results, what really matters is working as a team, not as a hierarchy.
The growth of Openlogs is only possible through the growth of all the people who bring it to life every day.
If you are looking for a dynamic and highly qualified working environment, where you can be quickly called upon to take on important responsibilities on your own, Openlogs offers important opportunities for you.

Openlogs is Energy at 360°.
Software developers, energy market experts, logistics and back-office operators, commodity traders: all working with the same goal of growing together.


Openlogs is among the companies set up with its own operational offices in the ComoNeXT Digital Innovation Hub in Lomazzo (CO), thanks to the innovative nature of its products and services.
Openlogs “Digital Energy” vision means combining the best IT skills with the deepest know-how of the energy markets.
Skills and enthusiasm are needed. What is at stake? A world that works 100% with efficient and renewable energy.


We believe that our independent ‘boutique’ style of services and consulting, with a strong human component and a distinctly “hands-on” approach, makes us a unique presence in a sector dominated by large multinationals, which are mostly organised in traditional company structures.
Depending on your level of qualification and experience, Openlogs can offer a variety of work opportunities. All of these have one thing in common: Openlogs will expect a lot from you. And you can expect a lot in return: this means the opportunity to explore all facets of the wholesale energy sector, the real possibility of career development and the prospect of a balanced, rewarding life outside of work.


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