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Eko 360 is a 50/50 joint-venture of Openlogs and Keropetrol dedicated to the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic systems and the provision of all-round services for the management of photovoltaic projects, created to meet the needs of all owners of photovoltaic systems, specialising in the maintenance and services required to ensure maximum yield.

Eko360 builds and operates biogas, biomethane and electricity filling stations.
It is integrated across the entire supply chain, from international wholesale supply to the end consumer at the pump.
It installs electric charging points and develops opportunities in the renewable biomethane supply chain.

They work to promote the energy self-sufficiency of each facility and the deployment of charging stations on the Italian road network.
Their goal is to ensure a high level of service to customers and partners through integral supply chain management.

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Phone +39 (02) 87158336