Market services that guarantee Openlogs’ customers a valid option for accessing international wholesale energy markets and competitive solutions for balancing their portfolios. Openlogs SA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Openlogs Group with operational offices in Canton Ticino (Switzerland), is the entity operating on the markets.


Operating in international energy markets offers customers new opportunities for optimal execution of their positions.

execution services

Openlogs facilitates its customers’ direct access to wholesale exchange hubs. Having become market participants in their own right, these customers often turn to Openlogs to execute their own hedging and reselling in the markets.
Openlogs acts as a principal to the client, offloading price and credit risk on international markets through advanced, careful and always balanced risk management.
It is committed to offering its partners access to markets also for non-standard volume denominations and illiquid products.

balancing services

It uses deep knowledge of market fundamentals, robust weather models, data analysis tools and artificial intelligence (AI) for accurate energy flow forecasts and short-term (day-ahead or intra-day) market results.
With targeted operations in these markets, it contributes to balancing the grid in general and to containing or flat-rate energy balancing costs for its customers.
In the long run, this lowers market entry barriers for asset developers and enables more renewable energy generation and a better environment for the end consumer.

OPEnlogs sa

Openlogs SA operates both bilaterally and on regulated exchanges. It trades both physical and financial contracts. It normally delivers on a time frame ranging from intra-day trades to trades with a duration of up to 24-36 months in the future.
In order to guarantee market services to the group’s customers, it manages and optimises assets internationally, such as natural gas storage and transport capacities or renewable energy production plants (green electricity and bio-methane).

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