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Openlogs automates the processes and services of physical and financial energy management and makes the big data involved available in an intuitive and shared way.
We offer a portfolio of IT tools and solutions, each with our proprietary Openlogs®DESK platform at their core.
We develop “tailor-made” software.

The “Digital Energy” vision of Openlogs aims to combine the deepest knowledge of energy markets with the best IT solutions.

The effort required by customers in order to provide us with software specifications is minimal.
On the contrary, software often becomes an opportunity for Openlogs to transfer to its partners its operational and organisational best-practices.


Openlogs®DESK is the ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management) most widely used by medium to large Italian utilities.

In addition to utilities, it is also used by energy-intensive industrial consumers, renewable energy producers, asset managers and traders to monitor and manage complex energy contract portfolios in real time from both a physical and financial perspective.

It integrates with a multitude of solutions and many other modules that already exist or are yet to be developed «tailor-made»:


Forecasting of gas and electricity consumption


Management, nomination, scheduling and reporting of physical energy flows


Management of the financial risk embedded in large energy portfolios


Scheduling of power programmes


Automatic reporting of energy transactions


Invoicing of wholesale energy and controlling


Our software is special thanks to its intuitive, “light” but always “practical” and functional approach, without any compromise in terms of accuracy and completeness. 
Our systems make operating in the energy markets easier and more secure, systematically encouraging the “right decision”, particularly when such decisions must be made under pressure and in the blink of an eye.
Openlogs key IT solutions are “web/cloud based” and are typically offered on a “software-as-a-service (SaaS)” basis.

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